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Here at you can buy and rent games, book tables and register for tournaments at the Omni Board Game Parlour. But thats not all as we will be posting Live Tournament Leaderboards live on our website so even those that can not make it here can keep track.

We also run a loyalty programme we call Omni Sphere, by registering to our website you automatically become apart of this and can offer you special membership benifits as described in the Omni Sphere section on this page.

As we want you to have the best experience possible whilst using we have packed our website with features that will keep you up to date with the latest omni board gaming news and games as they are added to the store, these can be found in our news feed on the home page or via our newsletter.

About Omni Board Game Parlour

Omni Boarg Gaming Logo

Here at Omni we have are very own game parlour, this is the place we will be hosting all our board game tournaments and competitions. We are here to try and bring the community together for great nights, with 80+ of our hand picked board games at your disposal you will not struggle to find something that will keep you entertained.

It costs $5 per table and gives you full access to our ever expanding library and you can stay as long as you like. Food and Beverages are sold on the premises in which you can find the menu here

Omni Game Parlor Menu

Soft Drinks

Coke - 1.00

Diet Coke - 1.00

Pepsi - 1.00

Grape - 1.00

Orange - 1.00

Ginger Ale - 1.00

Bottle of Water - 1.50


Miller - 5.00

Bud Light - 5.00

Yuengling - 5.00


Any Beer Selection - 15.00

Any Soft Drink selection - 3.00


Chocolate Chip Cookie - 2.00

Sugar Cookie - 2.00

Peanut Butter Cookie - 2.00

Oatmeal Cookie - 2.00

Cheese Puffs - 1.25

Funyuns - 1.25

Fritos - 1.25

Doritos - 1.25

Ruffles - 1.25


2 - 4 Player Soft Drink Combo (1 Pitcher of Soft Drink, 1 Bowl of Chips) - 7.00

5 - 8 Player Soft Drink Combo (2 Soft Drink Pitchers, 2 Bowls of chips) - 10.00

2 - 4 Player Beer Combo (1 Pitcher Beer, 1 Bowl of Chips) - 17.00

5 - 8 Player Beer Combo (2 Pitchers Beer, 2 Bowls of Chips) - 25.00

Omni Sphere

Omni Sphere

Our Omni Sphere loyalty programme has just launched and you will be pleased to know that standard membership is free.

Omni Sphere uses a levelling system that requires Omni Sphere (OS) points.